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How to Care For Fashion Jewelry Rings

Fashion jewelry, including rings, even if high quality will never be as durable and long lasting as fine jewelry. However using costume jewelry, as it is often called, allows you to follow fashions and the latest trends without it costing a fortune. Even expensive fine jewelry won’t last forever without the proper care and attention.

Proper care will prolong the life of your jewelry. Keeping jewelry away from chemicals, lotions, water and perfume as much as possible will prolong the life of your fashion jewelry. Make sure when using cleaners you read the instruction label and that the cleaner doesn’t contain chemicals harmful to the materials your jewelry is made out of, e.g. gold silver, aluminium, chrome, pearls or gems. Also avoid soap and water as most soap will leave a residue, which can make the metal look dull. Vinegar is harmful to gemstones. Using a very soft cloth moistened with water is ok, but don’t submerge the item entirely. Make sure your jewelry is completely dry before you wear or store it.

Here are some tips for storing.

1) Moisture is the most important thing to avoid and can destroy the metals. Store in a soft jewelry pouch or plastic Ziploc bag

2) Avoid temperature changes as this can affect stone settings and the glue used.

3) Sore separately from other items to avoid scratching and stones getting dislodged.

4) Avoid Oak boxes and cabinets as this wood can release fumes that can damage fashion jewelry.

5) Avoid cardboard boxes as they are often treated with sulphur, which will tarnish gold and silver.

Following the above advice will greatly prolong the luster and life of your fashion jewelry and rings.